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Join me for a TallPour

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Whether or not this was actually said by Benjamin Franklin is not and should not matter, because the sentiment rings truer today than ever. We as Americans have always loved beer and more and more people are now home brewing just as our founders did. Beer has been one of the driving forces in bringing societies and communities together and is truly a bringer of joy, if not revolution.

As Minnesotans, we have observed, imbibed and a privileged few have taken the entrepreneur’s leap into one of the greatest craft beer booms in post-prohibition era.

I have pondered the perfect date to start my blog- TallPour. I have seen the great American-Irish beer holiday of St. Patrick’s Day come and go; the fasting of Lent has ended and the return of winter has hit Minnesota with a cruel backhand. I had created justification in my mind to continue to push this out and wait for that perfect moment. But as I sit enjoying Dark Horse’s Plead the 5th Imperial Stout, smoking a Romeo Y Julieta Medallas De Oro, enjoying the sweet soulful soothings of Al Green’s Greatest, I realize there is no more appropriate day than this surprisingly delightful sunny afternoon.

I just received a call from my older, more successful brother, asking for my advice and recommendation on brews featured at a local annual beer sale, and I realized that is why I am starting this blog. I am the go-to beer enthusiast for many of my family and friends and have made it a constant goal to find and introduce the most appropriate beer for all of them (and trust me, there is one out there for all of you!).

The goal of this blog is to bring you reviews, ratings, releases, tastings and overall information for the local craft beer industry. I am not a particularly gifted writer; I tend to be wordy…weird, I know! I am no beer expert, although I am working to become Certified Cicerone; not a brewer, though I have begun to home brew with some buds. I have never worked in the industry but have dreams to do so one day and I have no credentials but my own personal experience and love for the Minnesota beer scene. One thing is certain: my passion for sharing the joy of beer is unequivocal and it is my motivation bringing you this blog.

I am excited to start this journey and I hope you will join me. The blog will start with monthly entries, likely to start with brewery visit reviews/recommendations, but my twitter (@TallPour) updates will be littered with beer releases, pictures, memorable beers and much more. I want this to be a fun and informative experience for you as much as me…so please offer me feedback, likes & dislikes and I will grow as much as you will.

Lastly, I need to thank a dear friend for without her help in so many facets of this blog (and social media in general) would not be possible but would be equally absurd to attempt to list here. Our friendship started with Colonel Tigh and our shared love for the local scene has helped to sustain and grow it, thank you Rachel Peterson (@RachelMPeterson)…and you’re welcome!

Cheers to bringing you Minnesota beer news from a higher altitude.