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The Land o’ 10,000 Mini Donuts just upped it’s game…

In a Land o’ 10,000 mini donuts…I was able to find mine.

It was a hot morning of about 90 degrees when I showed up to the fair. It was 11am on a week day and I was there to see a nationally syndicated radio host do his program live at the “Great Minnesota Get Together.” I knew I would be attending the fair later in the week with a beer geek friend, so getting the much-hyped Mini Donut beer from Lift Bridge was not my priority on this trip. However, the heat and an urge to have a frothy brew while I enjoyed the show changed my mind.

I headed to the food building where I thought (foolishly) that I would casually ask one of the vendors, “where do I get the mini donut beer?” I never thought to check the tapping times, and when the vendor smiled and said – “through that door at the Ball Park…and bring me one …when you get it” I knew I was in trouble.

I got out to the patio area of the Ball Park Café and saw the line was already curved down to the street and glanced a sign that told me the tapping was at noon. I maneuvered my way out and settled in line at about quarter after eleven. As I looked around it became clear by the bemused cynical stares and occasional inquires that we who were waiting in line were “in the know.” Both they (the passer-bys) and we (the beer geeks waiting in line for an hour for a beer we had never tried) were ok with that.

As the hour inched closer to noon, I began to grow nervous, especially when I read the “While Supplies Last” sign. Despite having waited in line for nearly 45 minutes for this new instant State Fair classic, I began to wonder if I would still be left on the outside looking in.

I chatted with some folks in line and heard that the beer usually lasted for a couple of hours and my fears began to subside. As I listened via phone to the broadcast I’d come to see (across the fairgrounds from where I now stood), I knew this experience would really be the sugar on my mini donut as the announcement came, 10 minutes…

The line finally began to move. When I came to the bar I was intrigued as I saw the rim of the glasses were being wetted and glazed with cinnamon & sugar. I watched the pour; a pleasant amber brown hue plunged into my glass. I accepted my beers (yes, I got two) and walked to the street, finding an alcove where I could take my first smell and taste. The aroma was a pleasant one, with a nice full malted character; then I sipped. The sweetness of the sugar interacted with the malty beer. Truly I had found the only mini donut I needed when visiting the fair.

For those of you that missed Lift Bridge’s Mini Donut beer, mark you calendar for the 2014 Minnesota State Fair, tweets at me @TallPour and we can share this brew at a higher altitude.