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612Brew – Happy 1 Year Anniversary

The first thing you notice when you enter 612Brew (other than the fact it is one of the largest taprooms in the Twin Cities) is the vivaciously colorful Adam Turman mural. It leaps out at you and lets you know, without question, what this brewery is about. The mural features a woman in a checkered diamond skirt holding a 612Brew labeled pint (presumably the Six American Pale Ale – brewer Robert Kasak’s favorite beer) standing in front of a back drop of the Minneapolis skyline and Stone Arch Bridge in the foreground. She stands across from a bike which hosts a 612Brew growler in its basket.

612 Adam Turman mural

As should be obvious by the name, 612Brew is all about Minneapolis. The 612 crew view their brewery as apart of the Minneapolis community and they are a Minneapolis brewery through and through, with the genesis of all of Robert Kasak’s recipes continually being brewed in Minneapolis. As anyone who is familiar with the Twin Cities and Minneapolis in particular knows, there is a huge bicycle community. Not so coincidentally, a very large portion of this community is ever so much supportive and engrained in the local craft scene.

Robert began home brewing back in 2005. After a while with kits, he began to develop his own recipes. With friends Ryan Libby and Adit Kalra they moved to the former’s garage and with Kasak’s recipes they knew they had something special. Opening just a year ago to the day (Feb. 13), 612Brew has been in the works for quite a number of years. Through a couple of early line-up changes, t-shirt sales (and questions about what the hell 612Brew actually was) and a whole lot of hype dating back to mid 2010, the co-founders’ patience has paid off. Robert Kasak (brewer), Ryan Libby (marketing), Adit Kalra (President – business) and Jamey Rossbach (taproom manager) make up the unique personalities that make this very brewery work.

612 Crew(Ryan, Robert, Jamey & Adit – image from

612Brew resides as the anchor tenant at the historic Broadway building located at the Northeast corner of Central and Broadway. As the physical gateway to the Northeast Arts District, they also act as the gateway to their compatriot breweries in the Northeast Brewers District located nearby: Dangerous Man Brewing, Indeed Brewing, and newly opened Sociable Cider works (who all host taprooms) and Northgate Brewing (growlers only – but taproom Spring 2014), as well as soon-to-open Fair State Brewing Cooperative (Spring 2014)*.

The Broadway building formerly housed a paper supply and mattress company; it now also features Spyhouse Coffee where you can drink an altogether different brew of artisanal coffee before trying 612’s craft offering on Saturday tours. The structure of the building gives 612’s taproom a unique if not exuberantly overwhelming (in a good way) feel. With 18ft. ceilings, numerous timber columns and polished concrete floors 612 creates a vibrant and open feel with viewing access to the entire brewing process. The taproom also offers unique features, from bowling alley lane table tops (from a bowling alley in Iowa) to woodwork lining on the bar from a 19th century pub in Chicago to the unbelievable spacious patio area – where in the summer, you can hear local musical acts as well as feast on local cuisine from Twin Cities food trucks. 612 Brew offers a truly unique experience.

612brewery-image2(The Broadway building – image from

With a recent expansion, 612Brew will be able to add new beers to their line-up and already have their next year round brew in mind. Gateway Park a pre-prohibition lager will require additional time to cold ferment (as lagers do) and one of the new tanks will be dedicated to this year round offering. Gateway Park will be added to other mainstays at the taproom: SIX (American Pale), Rated-R (Rye IPA) as well as the exclusive taproom only Zero Hour (aggressively hopped Black Ale). They will also be tapping Payback – an Oatmeal Porter on Feb. 13th (1 year anniversary) that is a whopping 7.5% ABV. They also sell growlers at their taproom. Full list of taproom and hibernating beers:

612 expansion(new fermenters – image from

Make your way to the taproom today Feb. 13th:

Feb. 13th, 4-5pm – FREE BEER;  special give aways;  Special edition 1 Yr Anniversary shirts designed by Adam Turman, printed by CHUX Printing. Exclusive release of Payback – Oatmeal Porter 7.5% ABV.

Taproom Hours:

  • Wednesday: 4 – 10 pm
  • Thursday: 4 – 10 pm
  • Friday: 2:30 – Midnight
  • Saturday: Noon – Midnight
945 Broadway St NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

Wishing 612Brew a very happy 1st birthday!

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*Editors’ note – Holy crap, that’s a lot of new breweries.